Fire Systems

Hawkeye Protection designs and installs commercial fire systems to the latest standards.  Systems that are easy to understand, and the best technology.

What We Do

Fire Systems

Fire Systems for business protection.  NFPA Code Installations. Custom built systems.

Photoelectric Smoke Sensors

Photoelectric Smoke Sensors are listed Analog Addressable smoke sensor compatible with fire alarm control panels.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Analog Addressable carbon monoxide (CO) sensor compatible with any fire alarm control panel that has the Addressable Device (PAD) protocol. The CO sensing portion utilizes a proven electrochemical sensor for accurate detection of CO gas for life safety applications. 

Air Sampling Smoke Detection

Air sampling smoke detection systems provide the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire by taking a continuous sample of air in the protected area. This air sample is analyzed for minute particles generated by the products of combustion and is 1000 times more sensitive than standard ionization or photoelectric spot smoke detectors. When properly designed and installed these systems can detect fire in its earliest stages, alerting personnel and avoiding costly suppression system discharges.

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