What Happens when you are not watching?

Intelligent solutions to keep you on site when you are away

Actively Monitored Cameras

Save money and frustration with a Hawkeye Protection’s active monitor account. 

We will watch your: building perimeter, job site, many more.  Get the confidence that your site can be secure at all hours. 

No need to hire expensive guards to play games and watch movies all night, just to have the incident occur on a break.

Construction Site Solutions

  • Discourage crime – Studies show that the mere presence of security cameras on a construction site can act as a significant deterrent against criminal acts. If the cameras are monitored in real time, theft and other illegal acts, whether committed internally or externally, will be eliminated.

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Advanced Integrations

    The ability to visit home.....

    anytime and from anywhere. That’s what our powerful, convenient home security camera systems offer. Gain the peace of mind of looking in on your home from anywhere in the world. At Hawkeye Protection® we’ll design and install home security cameras that will fit your lifestyle and budget, while helping you keep an eye on your kids, pets loved ones and property.

    Our Camera systems allow you to

    • View live video or recorded clips from your computer, smartphone or tablet
    • Watch video from multiple cameras simultaneously.
    • Turn security cameras on or off and adjust views using your computer, smartphone or tablet.
    • See and record visitors knocking on your door using motion-triggered settings.
    • Receive an email or text message the instant it happens.
    • Access archived clips on a secure site to prevent tampering or accidental deletion so you can refer back at any time.

    Live and recorded images

    Live and recorded images are accessible via the internet making it possible to manage your business from anywhere.
    • Surveillance systems document theft and other crimes, providing evidence that can be used in prosecution.
    • Monitor your workflow, staffing and performance levels, as well as providing employee training and assessment.
    • Hawkeye Protection’s design experts will work with you to customize the right system for your needs.