Security Technology

Hawkeye Protection has been serving busniesses and homes at the highest level.  From corner shops and fortune 500 level companies to your first home.  You deserve to feel safe.

What We Do

Surveillance Cameras

Cameras are for more than just seeing what went wrong. Use these cameras for solving a mulitude of issues.  Loss Prevention to General Survaillance.

Active Watch Systems

Active Watch live video surveillance monitors activity on rooftops, alleys, perimeters, storefronts, parking lots, and other locations that traditional security methods cannot protect.

Fire Systems

Fire Systems for business protection.  NFPA Code Installations. Custom built systems.

Door Access Control

Access control is more than an electronic key. Personnel tracking, time tracking.  

Touchscreen Burglar Systems

Burglars have the most state of art technology.  Make sure you stay up to date.

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Business  Solutions 

Hawkeye Protection has a dedication to not only the security basics, we are targeting the technology that can make your business better.  Advanced smart alarms.

Early detection of a fire means the difference between life and death and minimizing loss and total destruction of property. A fire alarm system is critical to early detection. We provide
fire alarm system design, installation, confidence testing, service and repair, so that you’ll be aware as soon as possible if a fire breaks out.

  • Photoelectric Smoke Sensors are listed Analog
  • Addressable smoke sensor
  • Actively monitored survaillance 
  • Our "Real Time" remote video surveillance is the best defense against crime

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Unattended Bagage Detection
  • Object Removal Detection
  • POE Powered Controllers
  • Network Design
  • Addressable Fire Devices
  • Touchscreen Burglary Alarm
  • All-In-One Solution

  • Keeping You Aware

  • Unique User Codes

Repairs & Installations

Hawkeye Protection offers repairs and installations that will be worth more to your business than the cost.  Licensed technicians that will be professional and safe.  We aim to be a reflection of your business, we will leave it nicer than when we arrive.

  • Camera Cleaning
  • System Takeovers
  • Network Designs
  • Cat5/ Cat6 Installations
  • Fire System Inspections
  • Camera system design
  • Fire System design
  • Burglar Alarm Takeovers
  • Door Access retrofits
  • Cellular Upgrades
  • Cellular Intercom
  • Many More

Latest Projects

Camera Installation

16 New Cameras for a local business.  They now can see the full parking lot and have plate recognition at each entrance.

Access Control

12 Doors retrofitted from a system that was failing more than the manager knew.  They now can check doors from mobile devices and PCs.

Burglary System

With the COVID19 shutdowns, a business was a victim of a break in.  We came in and installed a state of the art system.  When the criminals came back, they were met with the local police.